SacredEarth Natural Potpourri Moth Repellent 6 Packs (33 g Each) -200 g


A melange of real herbs, leaves, barks, berries and flowers gathered from Himalayan forests and the Central Indian hinterland, shade-dried to retain their natural properties and fragrance, new SacredEarth Natural Potpourri Air Freshener offers you a safe and sustainable choice for a more holistic way of life.

  • Enriched with the eternal, natural goodness of herbs and plants, SacredEarth Natural Potpourri Moth Repellant leaves your spaces, blankets, quilts and woollens naturally free of moths and bugs, deodorised and smelling like the woods.

  • Its No-Chemical-Footprint formula not only keeps your spaces and your woollens disinfected and smelling fresh but keeps our beloved Earth and her waterways safe and healthy as well.